Ethical AI


*Readings in bold come highly recommended* 


Algorithmic Accountability: A Primer / Data & Society / Apr. 2018 

Facial Recognition is Accurate, if You’re a White Guy / The New York Times / Feb. 2018 

New Report on Emerging AI Risks Paints a Grim Future / Gizmodo / Feb. 2018

Artificial Advancements / The New Inquiry / Feb. 2018 

Tech’s Ethical ‘Dark Side’: Harvard, Stanford and Others Want to Address It / The New York Times / Feb. 2018

The FDA Approved an Algorithm That Predicts Death / / Jan. 2018

Whey We Need a New, Algorithmic Social Contract / TEDXCambridgeSalon / Jan. 2018 

A.I. in the Courtroom: When Algorithms Rule on Jail Time / 10TV / Jan. 2018 

DeepMind’s Mustafa Suleyman: In 2018, AI Will Gain a Moral Compass / Wired / Jan. 2018

Artificial Intelligence is Going to Supercharge Surveillance / The Verge / Jan. 2018

The Legal and Ethical Minefield of AI: 'Tech Has the Power to Do Harm as Well as Good' / The Guardian / Jan. 2018 

The Case for Taking AI Seriously as a Threat to Humanity / Vox / Dec. 2018

Google’s New Site Uses Artificial Intelligence to Track hate Crimes / Fortune / Aug. 2017 

Are Algorithms Building the New Infrastructure of Racism? / Nautilus / Dec. 2017

Debugging Data: Microsoft Researchers Look at Ways to Train AI Systems to Reflect the Real World / Microsoft / Dec. 2017 

New York City Moves to Create Accountability for Algorithms / ProPublica / Dec. 2017 

Can Big Data Really Help Screen Immigrants? / NPR / Dec. 2017 

The Trouble with Bias / Kate Crawford / Dec. 2017 

Researchers Fooled a Google AI Into Thinking a Rifle was a Helicopter | Wired | Dec. 2017

Researchers Combat Gender and Racial Bias in Artificial Intelligence / Bloomberg / Dec. 2017

Four Ethical Priorities for Neurotechnologies and AI / Nature / Nov. 2017 

Ethically Aligned Design / IEEE / Nov. 2017 

A Powerful Tech Organization is Working to Protect Us from AI / Futurism / Nov. 2017

Using Deep Learning and Google Street View to Estimate the Demographic Makeup of Neighborhoods Across the United States / Timnit Gebru et. al. / Oct. 2017

Google Translate's gender bias pairs "he" with "hardworking" and "she" with lazy, and other examples / Quartz / Nov. 2017 

Engaging the Ethics of Data Science in Practice / OEC / Nov. 2017 

AI Can Be Made Legally Accountable for Its Decisions / MIT Technology Review / Nov. 2017

Why AI Is Still Waiting for Its Ethics Transplant / Wired / Nov. 2017 

The Dangers of Tech-Bro AI / MIT Technology Review / Oct. 2017

New Theory Cracks Open the Black Box of Deep Neural Networks / Wired / Oct. 2017

DeepMind’s New AI Ethics Unit is the Company’s Next Big Move / Wired / Oct. 2017

Artificial Intelligence - With Very Real Biases / The Wall Street Journal / Oct. 2017 

Forget Killer Robots - Bias Is the Real AI Danger / MIT Technology Review / Oct. 2017 

A Voting-Based System for Ethical Decision Making / Ritesh Noothigattu et al. / Sept. 2017

‘A White Mask Worked Better’: Why Algorithms Are Not Colour Blind / The Guardian / May 2017

AI Algorithms Exhibit Racial and Gender Biases, Research Reveals | The Guardian | Apr. 2017

Twitter Taught Microsoft’s AI Chatbot to be a Racist Asshole in Less Than a Day / The Verge / Mar. 2016

Machine Bias / ProPublica / 2016 

Google’s Philosopher / Pacific Standard / 2014 





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