Journalism Meets AI


*Readings in bold come highly recommended* 

Forbes Built a Robot to Pre-Write Articles for its Contributors / Digiday / Jan. 2019 

 Google’s AI Will Help the NYT Digitize Archive of 5 Million Photos / ProductHunt / Nov. 2018

Using Data Science to Predict the Emotional Resonance of [NYT] Articles for Better Ad Placement / Times Open / Oct. 2018

[sic] ‘nytDEMO’ [sic] / The New York Times Press Release / Feb. 2018

How the New York Times Uses Software to Recognize Members of Congress / The New York Times / June 2018

Think Lithely, Step Lively: Greg Barber on Newsroom Tools at the Washington Post / Global Editors Network / Mar. 2018

Can AI Solve the Internet’s Fake News Problem? A Fact-Checker Investigates / Popular Science / Mar. 2018

The Cybernetic Newsroom: Horses and Cars / Reuters / March 2018

After Years of Testing, The Wall Street Journal Has Built a Paywall that bends to the individual reader / Nieman lab / Feb. 2018

Mining Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Tech to Save Journalism / Poynter / Feb. 2018

With In-Article Chat Bots, BBC is Experimenting with New Ways to Introduce Readers to Complex Topics / Nieman Lab / Feb. 2018

News UK Broadens Advertisers Reach with Social AMP Tool / The Drum / Feb. 2018

How We Designed and Built a New Storytelling Product / Vox Product / Feb. 2018

Lessons Learned from the Quartz Email Team / Medium / Feb. 2018

The Next Platform You Should Be Thinking About? Calendar Apps / Poynter / Feb. 2018

Here’s How Arc’s Cautious Quest to Become the Go-To Publishing System for News Organizations is Going / Nieman Lab / Feb. 2018

New York Times Adapts Data Science Tools for Advertisers / Wall Street Journal / Feb. 2018

Machine Learning: 3 Places Media Companies Should Start / INMA / Feb. 2018

How The New York Times is Using Interactive Tools to Build Loyalty (and Ultimately Subscriptions) / Digiday / Jan. 2018

Interview On the Future of Media / CTA / Jan. 2018

With Left Field, NBC News is Experimenting with VR, Mixed Reality, and Other New Story Forms / Nieman Lab / Jan. 2018 

These College Students Taught Digital Skills to Journalists in Rural Missouri / Poynter / Jan. 2018

Can You Tell if This Was Written by a Robot? 7 Challenges for AI in Journalism / WEF / Jan. 2018

Automated, Live Fact-checks During the State of the Union? / Nieman Lab / Jan. 2018

China’s News Agency is Reinventing Itself with AI / Nieman Lab / Jan. 2018 

Hearst Is Betting on Amazon Alexa / Business Insider / Jan. 2018

The State of AI Adoption in Media / Digiday / May 2017

The Rise of Bridge Roles in News Organizations / Nieman Lab / Dec. 2017

Self-Help as a Publishing Strategy / Nieman Lab / Dec. 2017

 The New York Times Debuts Native Audio Player / The New York Times / Dec. 2017

The Most Exciting Artificial Intelligence Applications in Media / Variety / Dec. 2017

How ProPublica, 100+ News Partners Documented Hate Crimes in America / Mediashift / Dec. 2017

Scooped by AI / Nieman Lab / Dec. 2017

With "My WSJ," The Wall Street Journal Makes a Personalized Content Feed Central To Its App / Nieman Lab / Dec. 2017

Unlocking the Potential of AI / Nieman Lab / Dec. 2017 

Civil Says the Future of Media is Blockchains and Cryptocurrencies / Columbia Journalism Review / Dec. 2017 

If You Liked This, You’re Sure to Love That | The New York Times | Nov. 2018

How Reuters' Revolutionary AI System Gathers Global News / MIT Technology Review / Nov. 2017

Focus on Behaviour, Not Technology, to Identify Emerging Trends - Future Today Institute's Amy Webb / FIPP / Nov. 2017

Media's Complicated Relationship with VC Funding / Columbia Journalism Review / Nov. 2017

The Washington Post is a Software Company Now / Fast Company / Nov.2017

A Hack Day Project: Giving You Great Journalism in Every New Browser Tab / The Atlantic / Nov. 2017

A New Feature in The Washington Post’s Opinion Section Will Alert Readers to Opposite Viewpoints (With the Help of AI) / Nieman Lab / Nov. 2017

This Project Aims to “De-Flatten” Digital Publishing by Matching the Best Content With Premium Ads / Nieman Lab / Nov. 2017

BBC Will Use Machine Learning to Cater to What Audiences Want to Watch / The Verge / Oct. 2017

ICFJ Survey: The State of Technology in Global Newsrooms / ICFJ / Oct. 2017

Beyond 800 Words: New Digital Story Formats for News / BBC News Labs / Sept. 2017

Can Tech Startups Do Journalism / The Ringer / Sept. 2017

AI Is Going To Be Helpful for Personalizing News - But Watch Out for Journalism Turning Into Marketing / Nieman Lab / Sept. 2017

The Future of News Is Humans Talking to Machines / Nieman Lab / Sept. 2017

Using Artificial Intelligence to Produce News Insights / The Associated Press / May 2017 

NPR, the AP and Local Newspapers are Beginning to Experiment with Amazon Echo / Poynter / May 2017

Want to Bring Automation to Your Newsroom? A New AP Report Details Best Practices / Nieman Lab / Apr. 2017

This Online Tool Makes Checking Crowd Sizes Easier / Poynter / Mar. 2017 

What We’ve Learned (So Far) From Building and Testing ‘Shifting Lenses’ / The Guardian Mobile Innovation Lab / Mar. 2017

The Associated Press’ Plan to Put Hyperlocal Data In the Hands of Reporters / TechCrunch / Mar. 2017

The Rise of The Weaponized AI Propaganda Machine / Scout / Feb. 2017

From Bingo Games to Brackets, Washington Post is Building “Alternative Story Forms” / Nieman Lab / May 2016

Digital News in a Distributed Environment / Tow Center for Digital Journalism / 2016

Creative AI: Teaching Computers to be Reporters and Storytellers / New Atlas / 2015

The Age of the Cyborg / Columbia Journalism Review / 2016

The Year of Augmented Writing / Nieman Lab / 2016 

The State of Automated Factchecking / Full Fact / 2016

The AP Wants to Use Machine Learning to Automate Turning Print Stories Into Broadcast Ones / Nieman Lab / 2016

How Newsrooms Are Using Machine Learning to Make Journalist’s Lives Easier / Poynter / 2015

The New York Times Built a Robot to Help Making Article Tagging Easier / Nieman Lab / 2015

Building the Next New York Times Recommendation Engine / The New York Times / 2015

Automation in the Newsroom / Nieman Reports / 2015

The New York Times’ R&D Lab Has Built a Tool That Explores the Life Stories Take In The Social Space / Nieman Lab / 2011